Theme Catalogue

We know how important it is to have a Website with superior design.

With us the design of your website begins by choosing a theme. The theme will define the menu bar, colors,  and the over all look of the design. The themes are customizable and offer their own module positioning layout options, module layout options, column options, background color options, color options, and style options, and font options. 

Your support manager will walk you through the design process, suggest certain layouts, backgrounds, complementing colors, positions, etc. Your support manager will take in to account your logo, branding goals, and functionality. They will also provide 3 mockups free of charge so that you can see what the final product will look like.

Additionally, the administrative console allows you to change your theme and other key design elements all on your own. Once you get familiar with the console the design possibilities will be endless. 

Also remember, our design team is always working on new designs, we have at least one new design every as our design portfolio grows! 

Take a look at some example module, font, color and layout variations below:

Sample Module Positioning                                     Sample Module Layouts

Sample Website Layout

Sample Module Layout 

Column                          Sample Column Layout

 Sample Features

Sample Style, Color, Font