Webkit's Consumer Screens

Our Webkit product is a portfolio of pre-built insurance specific applications. These applications were built with you in mind. After much research and experience in the industry we saw time and time again that brokerages and/or agencies were greatly under represented on the web.

Many agencies and/or brokerages had no website and the ones that did have one had informative websites that only showed product and contact information. A great start but that does not even begin to touch the tip of the ice berg. A website should not only be informative but functional. It should minimize calls and boost existing client relations by offering automated features such as online payments, endorsement request, claim reporting, and document request. It should also serve as a sales tool offering prospects the ability to enter their data and receive quotes.  

We thought why are big companies like Geico, Esurance, Progressive, and 21st Century offering these tools but not agents or brokers...the answer was simple. With limited IT resources their budgets did not permit the added expense of custom software development to develop these tools. 

That is where we come in...we saw the need and have filled it. We spent time, money, and effort in building these tools so you don't have to. We have placed them in a "Pay-as-you-go" model that insures little to no upfront cost and a low monthly fee. Letting you concentrate on what you do best... Insurance. So let us worry about the technology and developing new products to make your life easier and more profitable.

Get a Quote Suite (LEAD GENERATOR)


Have you ever wished that you could provide your prospects the opportunity to enter their data and receive a quote instantly! Well this is exactly what this suite is all about. It empowers you to collect data from Auto, Home, Life, and renters insurance prospects.

Then it places it all in an easy to use administrative panel that allows to to print, export, or email the data. The dashboard also has snapshot views of statistics. How many leads in the last week? What products lines? 

And if that was not all...the administrative panel has white label abilities...allowing you to enter your logo and edit the colors of the pages. Our competitors will redirect you to other lead generation sites then sell you back your own leads...stop that produce and manage your own leads.

Increase your leads....today! 

Customer Service Suite


This feature alone is worth thousands of dollars in programming time. This suite was developed specifically with you in mind. This is what will set you apart from your competition. With this suite your clients can go to your website and report a claim, request changes, request policy documents, and pay their payment.

It also comes with an easy to use administrative panel that allows you to view a dashboard itemizing your reports and request. If that was not all...it is all based on cloud technology that lets you access it anywhere anytime. No installations, No downloading, No disk! 

Our programmers are hard at work bringing you new features so sign up today!

  • Online Payments
  • Claim Reporting
  • Endorsements
  • Document Request

Tools Suite


The Tools Suite offers a wide variety of tools for agents and brokers. Please see below a detailed listing of resources...and the list is growing everyday.

  • Privacy Policy Templates
  • Terms of Use Templates
  • Glossary Library (English and Spanish)
  • Insurance Content Library (English and Spanish)
  • Link Library

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