5 Website Tips for Your Insurance Agency!

Written by Josie Lopez. Posted in News

Owning an insurance agency is not easy....I should know...I managed an insurance agency.

Limited resources and having to play so many roles can really take a toll.

The insurance industry has been a little hesitant in embracing the technology revolution but with competition getting stiffer and stiffer entering the technology age will separate the survivors. 

I have put together short list of essential Tips and Tricks...enjoy!

  1. FUNCTIONALITY: Make your website functional by accepting payments, processing endorsements, giving instant quotes...this will drive traffic to the site. This will help place you higher in the search engines. 
  2. HOME PAGE: I can not emphasize enough how important it is for your home page to be simple, clear, and easy to read. Your homepage should be like a billboard. Tell them what you want them to know in short attention grabbing sentences. For example "Easy to use accounting software!" or "Make an egg in 2 seconds" or "Affordable Car Insurance." Then redirect them to a page that will then give them details. 
  3. NO CLUTTER: Don't overwhelm your site with static content. You want to tell them every details about your product...but less is more. Give them the information in short design friendly way. For example, leave plenty of white space around the text, a simple text on a light background de-clutters the page. Create easy on the eye blocks of content to separate ideas. 
  4. SUBHEADINGS: Help the reader navigate though the page. Many users skim the page...make it easy for them to find what there looking for.
  5. PICTURES ARE WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS: Great images can really change the look and feel of the site, invest the time you will not be sorry.
  6. DOUBLE CHECK YOUR WORK: Check for broken links, misspelled words, clarity, consistency. A simple typo can really hinder the professionalism of the site.   

Married to my business...even when times are slow!

Written by Josie Lopez. Posted in News

My husband always tell me that I have two is him and the other is my business. The first thing I do in the morning is to check my blackberry for any important emails...literally open my eyes and reach for my phone. 

I think that this is the case with all small business owners, we are literally married to our businesses. In order to make any business work you need to be in love with the business idea, passionate about the mission, and willing to stay committed to the business in good times and in bad. 

Tips and Tricks for a GREAT domain name

Written by Josie Lopez. Posted in News

Choosing a good domain name is really important. 

It is your brand, the first thing your customers will see, and hopefully the url that they will save on their bookmark or enter repeatedly. 

CBS reported that The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) released a news release allowing "an increase in the number of Internet address endings - called generic top-level domains (gTLDs) - from the current 22

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